Best Accounts Management software for flipkart sellers .
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It's time to amplify your online business

Ab bahaut hua nukshaan online marketplace mai , chalo karte hai register DSM (digital stock management ) mai

अब बहुत हुआ नुक्सान ऑनलाइन मार्केटप्लेस मैं , चलो अब करते है DSM(digital stock management) रजिस्टर में

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To avoid losses and Boost sales

DSM will help you effort less, low maintenance, reduce manpower, reduce seller handling time .

Total Order Management

Easy to manage of each product only by uploading order sheet to our DSM , one click it will manage each and every thing from the date of dispatch , it reduce the manpower of management of flipkart marketplace .

Total Return Management

Easy to track and identify of all type return like courier & customer return of each particular order id or item id of flipkart marketplace and others, and easy to claim of each & every product , which is damage or wrong product

Payment management

Easy to manage payment data record of each and every product data of flipkart marketplace and others marketplace .

Well Designed and easy to use DSM admin panel .

Well structure and organized frame of admin panel of DSM , which reminds and notify to uplod payment sheets of particular days of flipkart marketplce, easy to audit sales report .

  • Perfect for seller partner of flipkart marketplace
  • Easy to use for all seller of flipkart
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Its simple , smart and effeective . To grow online business

Records all total retrun and payment transcations such sales and spf claims agianst the product and total order count .

  • Perfect for small and medium and big company
  • Easy to generate monthly report such as total order , total return , total payment
  • Designed for every devices such laptop and desktop pc & hybrid app for andriod only
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Are you ready to Avoid losses ?

Just do DSM to avoid losses in online buiness